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a live wedding reception painting

I create custom watercolor paintings during your wedding reception. Each watercolor work of art captures the tiny details included in your reception, the intricate architecture of your venue, and one of the intimate moments shared between you and your loved one. I adjust certain components of the reception to express your style, the unique elements of your wedding, and a flowing composition. Live painting is not only an artistic feature incorporated into your reception but also a handmade memento to look back on your special day.

your wedding day

I will sketch your reception and add a base layer of watercolors a week before your wedding. A few hours before the reception, I sketch and paint you dancing together, florals, and any other details that complement the composition. I will paint most of your piece during the reception and finish painting the piece afterwards at home. Please allow up to a week after your wedding for completion of your art before its shipped or hand delivered.

ring:   817.751.5367

write:   gillian@waterlilyart.com

web: waterlilyart.com

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